BLACKPINK Fans Are Calling Lisa Their “Oppa”, Here’s How She Got Her Unusual Nickname

BLINKs don’t need your “oppa”. They already have one.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has many nicknames such as “Limario”, “Nallalisa”, and “Lalice”, but one of BLINKs’ favourite nicknames is “Lisa-oppa“.


Most of Lisa’s monikers are a play on her name, but “Lisa-oppa” has more to do with her personality and how she interacts with her fellow members.


Oppa” means “older brother” in Korean, but girls also use it to affectionately address guys they are not related to, including their favourite male K-Pop idols. The female equivalent is “unnie“, which means “older sister”.


Lisa is the youngest BLACKPINK member, which makes Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé her “unnies”.


Why then, do BLINKs call this gorgeous gal their oppa rather than their unnie?


Some women might find it uncomfortable to be called by a masculine pet name, but Lisa doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she has lots of fun with it! When fans called her oppa during this live broadcast, she laughed, applauded…


…and put her arms around her members, just like a caring oppa would.


This iconic nickname is believed to have originated as a response to a viral video clip called Lisa is oppa… that has since been deleted from YouTube, due to copyright infringement.


After seeing the clip, Lisa said “Lisa-oppa is back” during a 2017 live broadcast. In this broadcast, Lisa also requested that BLINKS call her oppa.


Since then, fans have fallen head over heels for Lisa’s “masculine” charms and her “gentlemanly” acts of kindness.


Like a true oppa, Lisa is ready to become a knight in shining armor whenever a damsel is in distress…


…and her “damsels” will always protect her too!


Lisa joined the cast of Real Men earlier this year and BLINKs loved seeing their “oppa” in the army as well.


Fighting, Lisa-oppa! We love you!