Listen To This Secret Part Of BTS Lie, That Was Removed From The Final Version

Fans are falling in love with this orchestral version of “Lie”.

Composer docskim recently shared a scrapped part of BTS‘s song “Lie” that would have made the final version sound very different!

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docskim taking a selfie with his “favorite kids”and Jimin.


docskim, the producer and co-writer of Jimin’s popular solo song, shared this secret audio file as an Instagram story. This powerful string instrumental was originally going to play during the chorus when Jimin sings the line, “caught in a lie”.


This orchestral version blew fans away and left them wondering why the “string line that never was” didn’t make the cut.


Some fans believe the strings may have overpowered Jimin’s angelic vocals.


Others have pointed out that the strings were not completely eliminated from the song and can be heard during the second chorus.


One fan decided to blend the original strings track into “Lie” to show what the track may have sounded like if the strings had been included as-is.


After hearing this rough version of “Lie”, fans are hoping that, one day, Big Hit Entertainment will release secret audio files for all BTS’s songs!

Source: Twitter and Instragram