This Is Literally The Worst Acting You’ll Ever See In Any K-Drama

This person absolutely steals the scene!

This could be the worst acting you’ll ever see in a K-drama. The scene is from the drama series On Air, which stars Song Yun Ah and Lee Bum Soo.


It may be difficult to notice at first, but when you watch it again…a certain man in the back is showing off his incredible acting skills.


Netizens have been cracking up over this award-winning video claiming that the man should star in Hollywood or receive an Oscar.

  • “Oh my gosh. Someone give that man an Oscar lol”
  • “LOL this is gold. He’s a true scene stealer.”
  • “once you see it it becomes too distracting to focus on the main scene tho”


And the Oscar goes to…the man with the saw!

Source: Reddit