Little Boy Has The Sweetest Reaction Over Being Star Struck By EXO’s Kai

This was a super touching moment!

EXO‘s Kai made an appearance on the latest episode of Job Dongsan and everyone was star-studded!

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, Job Dongsan centers around helping kids learn about their dream careers. With show’s MCs, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, and comedian Kang Ho Dong, the three act as the children’s agents and help fulfill their dreams!

As a role model for the children on the show, EXO’s Kai appeared as a guest and wowed everyone, especially one of the kids named Minchan. Minchan’s dream career is to be an idol so you can only imagine how surprised he was to see Kai.

As soon as Kai showed up, Minchan’s mouth was wide open. Michan’s expression was too cute to handle. Shy, Minchan covered his face with the whiteboard he had in his hands and stated, “Wow…I’m about to cry.”

Adorably, Michan ended up shedding tears over his happiness and Kai immediately comforted Michan with a warm hug.

Kang Ho Dong asked, “Minchan, what is the meaning of your tears? Why did you cry?” Eunhyuk explained, “Because he loves to dance, and he wants to be an idol. He met his future goal! He’s seeing his dream.”

Minchan’s reaction was so touching that Kai couldn’t help but be moved by his tears: “It’s so heart-warming.

After he calmed down a bit, Minchan was able to show off his dance moves to Kai and danced to Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry.” Of course, Minchan impressed not only Kai, but everyone watching!

Check out the clip below: