(★TRENDING) This Little Girl Was Abandoned By Her Parents At 14, Now She’s A K-Pop Super Star

After Goo Hara’s parents divorced, she moved out at the age of 14 and stayed at her aunts place.

She was alone and young but she worked hard to achieve her dreams to become a star.

With no support around her, Hara trained after school and would not come home until it was dark outside.

Hara made a quick dinner for herself after hours of practicing because her aunt’s family were asleep by then.

She then quietly caught up on her studies while her cousins she shared rooms with were already sleeping.

“In the beginning it was hard to adjust. People told me to quit. But I got so anxious thinking about not becoming what I wanted to become. So I worked hard. I fainted a few times from exhaustion but I couldn’t let it stop me”

– Goo Hara

Fans are shocked by how much Hara had to work for her dreams with such unfavorable circumstances at a very young age.