Live A Day In The Life of This K-Pop Idol: Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Super Junior’s Leeteuk is basically a superhero on his own. Being the leader of on the most popular boybands in the world isn’t easy. Here’s how he stays so wonderful.

There’s no better way to learn about a man than what’s inside his fridge. Let’s take a look and see how stocked this k-pop idol is.

Looks like he’s pretty prepared for friends to be coming over constantly! It’s no secret that the members of Super Junior share an incredibly brotherly bond. Check out some proof on how we know he has so many people over.. what’s up with these slippers?!

Next up, an easy way to know more about someone are their hobbies! Looks like Leeteuk isn’t just into collecting slippers (), he’s also into shoes!

Now here’s something I can respect. Not only does Leeteuk collect shoes, he takes care of them too. Check out some of his tips on how to take care of your white shoes:

This is just something we had to share. He doesn’t only take care of his shoes, his toenails and nails are seriously flawless. What.

There’s no better way to live a good life than to be swole as f. Here’s a motto that Leeteuk seems to live by, “Fitness is the first step to greatness. – Justin Kan“.

Finally, looks like Leeteuk also goes through a rigid self-care regime, making sure his skin stays smooth and pretty all-year around. See if you can follow along:

Step 1: Washing Your Face Is Important!

Step 2: Make Sure You Use Soap.. And This Magic Future Device

Step 3: Be Leeteuk

Let us know in the comments below if there are other idols that also have some awesome daily routines we can track!