These Are The Locations From BLACKPINK’s Summer Diary In Hawaii Preview Video

Hint: They’re all on the island of O’ahu.

On August 30 (KST), BLACKPINK released a preview of their upcoming Summer Diary In Hawaii. Based on what is available in the video, it appears the girls visited O’ahu during their Hawai`i vacation. O’ahu, known as “The Gathering Place”, is home to the largest percentage of the state’s population and is known for its world-class shopping, rich history, and for being home to the surfing mecca of the world.

The girls of BLACKPINK appeared to have a lot of fun adventuring around the Hawaiian island, and now you can visit these locations too!


1. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Declared a marine life conservation area and underwater park in 1967, Hanauma Bay is a popular tourist destination and accommodates roughly 90,000 visitors per month! Historically, the bay was used as a recreational area by ali’i (Native Hawaiian nobility), including King Kamehameha and Queen Ka’ahumanu. It has been featured in moves and television shows such as Blue Hawaii and Hawaii Five-O.

Hanauma Bay is known for its wealth of marine life, including an abundance of parrotfish and honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles). Bear in mind if you do visit the bay, it is illegal to touch or otherwise disturb honu, which are protected under federal and state law. The bay is closed to visitors on Tuesdays to allow the fish a day of respite, allowing them to feed without interruptions.

All visitors are required by law to refrain from mistreating the marine animals and from touching or walking on the coral.

—Hanauma Bay State Park

2. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

Located at 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd. in Aiea, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is Hawaii’s largest open-air flea market. With over 400 stalls offering items for sale ranging from popular local snacks to handmade souvenirs, there is something for everyone.

3. Dolphin Quest Oahu At the Kahala Hotel & Resort

Dolphin Quest Oahu is located in the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu. They offer several dolphin experiences and give visitors the chance to learn real training techniques and play games with the cetaceans. Dolphin Quest is a Humane Certified™ business, which offers visitors reassurance that the animals in their care are being treated humanely.

4. The Kahala Hotel & Resort


The Kahala Hotel & Resort is a Forbes Travel Guide four-star hotel located at 5000 Kahala Avenue, Honolulu. A luxury resort in the exclusive residential area of Kahala, they offer signature services ranging from an oshibori towel at check-in to a lei greeting. The Kahala Hotel & Resort is one of Hawaii’s top resorts for a reason—it’s no wonder BLACKPINK chose to stay with them!