Here Are All The Locations In TWICE’s “Likey” M/V You Can Visit

TWICE’s Likey MV was shot in Vancouver, Canada and all of the locations are open to the public. Here is a list of all the locations in Vancouver you can visit in and around Vancouver to film your own version of the Likey MV.

1. Alley Oop

This award-winning alleyway in the heart of downtown Vancouver was recently given a vibrant makeover as part of the city’s various beautification efforts. The alleyway that lent its colors to TWICE’s Likey M/V  is completely open to the public and is already becoming a hotspot for TWICE fans who live in or visit the western Canadian city.

2. Maple Tree Square

Smack dab in the middle of Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighborhood, Maple Tree Square is arguably one of Vancouver’s most storied intersections with buildings dating back as far as the 1880s. Naturally, this should be a stop on any TWICE fan’s tour of Likey‘s locations.

3. White Rock Pier

Located about 50km outside of Vancouver, White Rock Pier’s small-town charm was an obvious choice for the Likey music video.

4. Nine O’Clock Gun

Though the more than 200-year-old cannon itself didn’t make an appearance in the music video, the surrounding location provided a beautiful, scenic backdrop for the video. Located along Vancouver’s historic seawall, this tourist attraction is easy to get to and certainly a must for any ONCE in the city.

5. English Bay Beach Park

One of Vancouver’s busiest and most popular beaches, English Bay made the perfect location for TWICE as they danced casually and carefree. Note the majestic Canada Geese in the music video!

6. Powell Street

Vancouver’s Powell Street begins at the aforementioned Maple Tree Square in Gastown and is a must-see for all of its historic buildings.

7. Angel

Gastown’s store, Angel, features a number of times in the music video and is a quaint store on one of Maple Tree Square’s corners. An easy stop for anyone visiting the other locations.

Check out TWICE’s Likey MV below featuring beautiful Vancouver: