LOOΠΔ’s Chuu Invented A New Way To Do Hand Hearts And It’s Too Damn Cute

In an industry saturated with finger hearts and hand hearts, this idol has a refreshing take.

Fans have noticed there is an idol that has an unusual way of making the well-known “hand heart” gesture, where the two hands make a heart shape.


The gesture is often used by K-Pop idols, actors and celebrities, not only in South Korea…


But in Hollywood, too.


While there are some variations, such as using fingers…


Or holding up an object in the middle…


It’s fairly standard in the entertainment industry.


Which is why fans noticed the cute and unique way LOOΠΔ‘s Chuu creates her hand hearts.


Chuu showed off her technique at a recent fan meet, starting with a large circle…


And then “biting” into it, as if eating a hamburger…


To create a heart.


She even breaks the heart afterwards!


Chuu already had a strong instagram following before she debuted with LOOΠΔ, with many core fans supporting her since she was a Music Works Entertainment trainee – but she was already known for her adorable poses!


And enthusiastic kisses, too…


Fans think her unusual heart-making method reflects her perfectly (although she knows how to make unique finger hearts too!)

  • “Chuu is too cuteㅠㅜ Her name is cute too and it suits her like a gloveㅠ”
  • “She’s honestly so refreshing.”
  • “Give me back my heart.”
  • “Chuu’s so cute. Heart attack’s choreo fit her so well. She’s bright but her vocals pack a punch too!”
  • “She’s just naturally cute, she make me want to have lil sister, also her stage name really fit her perfectly lol.”
  • “Chuu is the complete package. its so hard NOT to love her and she really does have a solid fan base even from non-orbits. In Chuu we trust!”


It seems like even more netizens are falling for Chuu thanks to her unique and adorable “hand heart” making method!

Source: Pann Nate