A Look Inside KARD Somin’s Room, With A Tour From The Queen Herself

And, you’ll want to copy her set up because she’s so organized!

KARD‘s Somin is super pretty and totally wholesome — except when BM gets her to say naughty things.


In a vlog on her channel Minny J, Somin gives us a tour of her room and she’s so organized you’ll find yourself wanting to KonMari your room ASAP.

This is the first time I’m showing off my room like this. It’s the first time ever!


Source: Minny J 소민/YouTube

A cursory look around the idols room shows just exactly how organized she is, and it is breathtakingly impressive!

Source: Minny J 소민/YouTube

Her makeup and jewelry are neatly organized in one area of the room…

Source: Minny J 소민/YouTube
Source: Minny J 소민/YouTube

And, as for her clothes? They’re all sorted by type (pants, blouses, etc) and color!

Source: Minny J 소민/YouTube

Seriously, look at how neatly she divided her t-shirts, blouses, and jackets:

Source: Minny J 소민/YouTube

To see more of Somin’s room, you’ll have to watch her video below. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some re-organizing to do.

Source: YouTube