Chuu Admits The Way She Was Scouted Was “Suspicious”

She had no plans to become an idol before catching the attention of multiple companies.

Chuu will officially make her solo debut on October 18, KST, and to celebrate the exciting new chapter of her career, she showcased her vocal talents and kind personality on the popular musical variety program, Leemujin Service.

Chuu | @mujin_plz/Twitter

During the episode, soloist Lee Mujin highlighted Chuu’s vocal talents and impressive musical background, having attended the prestigious Hanlim Multi Art School as a practical music and vocal major.

Chuu shared that she was a “regular student” and not a trainee during her time at the school. Despite being a “regular student,” she became popular due to her cute and energetic personality, which was captured on her social media page with over 13,000 followers.

Former Momoland’s JooE (left) and Chuu (right) when they were Hanlim Multi Art School students | @chuupics/Twitter

Her large social media following and status as a Hanlim Multi Art School student garnered the attention of Korean entertainment companies, although she revealed that “being an idol wasn’t [her] dream at the time.

After receiving multiple casting offers, she began to consider the career, despite being approached with “suspicious” casting offers.

She revealed that she liked to dance but lacked confidence at the time, and being surrounded by “many pretty and talented girls” made her feel they were better suited to become celebrities than her.

Eventually, she decided to pursue a career as an idol, making her debut after auditioning with multiple companies.

While she achieved her goal of debuting, she admitted the way she was scouted was “suspicious” as the offers were sent via DM and often seemed like scams, which Lee Mujin agreed with.

Even if the DM was from a “big company,” Chuu was suspicious that the message was from a fake account. She would respond to some agencies by telling them her mom was against her debuting, or that she didn’t want to be an idol.

Other messages she would investigate by looking into the person who sent them and hilariously judging whether they were trustworthy based on their face instead of asking them for more details about their job.

She noted that she stumbled upon one particular talent scout’s selfie, admitting it “wasn’t particularly good,” but they had a trustworthy smile, so she accepted their offer to audition.

While she had an unexpected method of vetting her suspicious casting DMs, her instinct about the “trustworthy” talent scout led to her successful debut!

Check out Chuu’s full Leemujin Service episode below:

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