LOONA’s Chuu Became A Screaming Mess When She Saw Her Members’ Sexy Moves

We’re all Chuu!

LOONA was recently on Fact in Star to promote their “XX” album. While their appearance alone certainly had fans pumped up with excitement, there was one portion of the show where even Chuu couldn’t contain herself!


It all started with a random dance play. Yves, Kim Lip, Choerry, and Yeojin quickly moved to the front when Chungha‘s “Gotta Go” came on. Their sexy moves instantly made their fellow members cheer.


But Yves, Kim Lip, Heejin, and Choerry were about to bring even more heat with their dance cover of EXO‘s “The Eve”.


Their moves were incredibly deadly…


And it proved to be too much for Chuu who turned up the volume and filled the studio with her approving screams!


Orbits have fallen in love with Chuu’s adorable fangirl moment and can totally understand her reaction!


Seriously, those moves were so dangerous! We feel you Chuu!


Check out more of Chuu’s reaction in the fancam below: