LOOΠΔ Chuu’s Hand Heart Is Going Global Thanks To The Cast Of “Aquaman”

Chuu’s special heart is taking over!

While there are plenty of different ways to do the “hand heart” gesture, LOOΠΔ‘s Chuu invented a brand new heart not too long ago and now it’s going global thanks to the cast of “Aquaman”!


Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and director James Wan have been out promoting their new movie “Aquaman” and getting everyone excited for the newest DC cinematic experience.


And of course, everyone is excited about the new release! But during a recent livestream interview in the Philippines with Eric Nam, LOOΠΔ fans got an extra special surprise that had them grinning from ear to ear!


The three had plenty of things to say about the movie and even gave a few spoilers, but it was their adorable sendoff that really caught everyone’s attention. Shortly after giving the three their very own baby sharks that sing the popular “Baby Shark” song…


Eric asked them if they wanted to learn all the popular heart poses to show some love to their fans. James and Amber quickly learned the arm heart with the help of Jason and Eric.


Then Eric pulled out the finger hearts…


But the next heart was the one that caught fans’ attention. The unforgettable hamburger bun chomping heart action…


Is none other than Chuu’s own creation!


The cute burger heart captured fans’ hearts from the very first moment they saw it…

LOOΠΔ’s Chuu Invented A New Way To Do Hand Hearts And It’s Too Damn Cute


So seeing James, Jason, Amber, and Eric get so into creating their own Chuu hearts was beyond amazing to fans!


Fans have nothing but love for the sweet moment and can’t wait to see how many more people learn Chuu’s unique hand heart in the future!