Fans Are Cracking Up At How LOONA’s Hyunjin Greeted ITZY’s Ryujin At The Airport

They truly are best friends:

ITZY‘s Ryujin and LOONA‘s Hyunjin recently ran into each other at the airport and the way Hyunjin greeted Ryujin proves they are truly best friends.


Ryujin and Hyunjin have been friends since their time together on MIXNINE and their long-lasting friendship definitely shows. They’re 100% comfortable showing their goofy side to each other, are incredibly supportive of one another, and are always excited to be able to meet up.


Which is why when they crossed paths at the airport after KCON LA, Ryujin and Hyunjin immediately greeted each other. But their greeting came with a bit of a twist!


While Ryujin threw her hand out in a big wave upon seeing her friend, Hyunjin countered by throwing out two fingers…because scissors beat paper!


With Hyunjin winning the nonexistent game of rock, paper, scissors, fans everywhere have been cracking up hard and falling further in love with their amazing friendship.