LOONA Speaks On The Meaning Behind Their Single “Butterfly”

Orbits, did you know about this?

LOONA took part in an interview for MTV, where they shared their thoughts on the concept of their group and the meaning of their latest single, “Butterfly”. 

LOONA has been making waves as an “atypical” girl group, debuting through a two-year process of introducing its members – Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin, ViVi, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye. Their official debut only came last August – after the release of each member’s solo song and three subunits (1/3, ODD EYE CIRCLE, yyxy).

LOONA at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2018

The group’s formation may have hinted at the unique identity the group sought to present. In MTV’s own words, it created a “noisy split of opinion”.

Innovative or overkill? — a divide that may well have been less fractious had it been a boy group.


MTV then spoke on LOONA’s “diverse back catalogue”.

From Heejin’s swing-infused “ViVid”, to the ataractic R&B of Kim Lip’s “Eclipse,” and the space-age electronica on Olivia’s “Egoist”

MTV then touched on the popular phrase, “Stan Loona”. Surprisingly, the girls are “very much aware of it”.

WE look up all the videos, covers, and memes on Twitter and Instagram. They’re so interesting and fun!

— ViVi

When we see international fans write “Stan Loona”, it gives us a lot of strength. If our fans keep promoting us like that we’ll return that kindness by working harder and getting stronger.

— Olivia Hye

LOONA’s Olivia Hye

A large number of Orbits identify as LGBTQ+, and in an unprecedented move, member Yves stepped forward to answer questions on the LGBTQ+ community’s love for LOONA.

When the song (“New” – Yves, “Heart Attack – Chuu) was being written and the video filmed, we didn’t see it like that. For us, it was a story about yearning, but we were also thankful when it was translated that way. You may have realized it during ‘Butterfly’, but we want to go beyond gender, race, and nationality.

— Yves

LOONA’s Yves

“Butterfly” is the latest single from LOONA’s repackaged album, “x x”. MTV spoke on the song as a show of “female strength and determination”, which member Chuu agreed.

Butterfly means so much… Especially the part where the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, I thought it really overlapped with us. It’s not just our members but that the fans that listen to LOONA as well — we can all identify as one. You know how there are obstacles for everyone’s hopes and dreams? I hope we can all picture overcoming it and flying upwards.

— Chuu


Orbits were also impressed by how inclusive the music video for “Butterfly” was. The music video featured not only the twelve-member girl group, but also young women from a diverse range of locations (Hong Kong, Paris, Iceland).

Although LOONA was born in Korea…  we’re aware there’s a lot of fans from countries we haven’t been to. When they are encouraged and get strength from our music, that’s an aspect of the “butterfly effect”.

— Hyunjin

The members commented on how as LOONA sought to bring others up, they also sought to give themselves the same strength.

I’ve been preparing for a long time to become an idol singer,” confides Yves. “In that time, there were plenty of hardships, even times where I would lose confidence, but I didn’t give up and trusted in myself. I realized after I became part of LOONA that those hardships made me who I am right now

— Yves

Like Yves, during my trainee days I questioned whether I would even be able to perform on stage. But after I became a part of LOONA, whenever fans would say, ‘I got strength by watching LOONA,’ all those memories of hardships would just dissipate. Just like how our fans receive positive influences from us, now we receive positive energy by reading our fans’ messages. It’s a relationship where we rely on one another.

— Kim Lip

Yves and Kim Lip behind the scenes of “Butterfly”

LOONA the possibility of expanding their already growing global impact – according to member Go Won, the girls are preparing for their Japanese debut as well as their international tour.

Even if we become a little more popular, it’d be great if we could meet more of our fans!

— Go Won

Finally, MTV commented on their versatility and purpose of the group – a group that refused to be bounded by common girl group concepts such as “fierce”, “girl crush”, and “cute”.

[LOONA is] a hybrid. For this reason, rather than be loved for a single concept, we want to be the ultimate girl group.”

— Jinsoul

Source: MTV
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