LOONA Took A Photo With Their Company And The Number Of Female Staff Is Amazing

I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Although LOONA is from the small company Blockberry Creative, they’ve gained attention for their high quality music videos, well-thought-out concepts, and their overall performance.


Now, they’re gaining attention for their staff members.

It’s known that the amount of staff Blockberry Creative has is very small compared to that of other companies, but the type of staff they have is the focus of this photo they took with LOONA.

The majority of the staff are women, and half of the companies in the world are predominately populated with men. So, it’s extremely surprising and empowering to women.

And, the inclusion of the two male staff members, one who happens to be sitting on the other, just adds to the female empowerment vibe. Were you surprised by Blockberry Creative’s staff or were you expecting it all along?