Welcome To Love Land, Korea’s Ultimate Sex Theme Park

Tourists’ jaws dropped when they witnessed these shocking statues in Jeju Island’s sex theme park, ‘Love Land.’


While many might consider Korea to be a conservative place, this park takes nude sculptures to the next level!


The park officially opened in 2004 and it is focused entirely on sex but it is not a park that is trying to be purposely lewd.


Love Land is a park that was made to educate the public on sex. 


The park airs educational sex films and displays art pieces that teach the viewers on the joy of sex as well.


“Love Land” is also famous for its outdoor sculpture park, filled with statues and art pieces that might make you blush.


Due to the nature of the park, you won’t be able to bring anyone underage!


If this is too much for your friends maybe they will appreciate the edible treats you bring home after visiting this park…