Lovelyz Jiae Once Lived In The Same House As INFINITE

They took care of her by cooking, sending her to school, etc.

Before their official debut, INFINITE once filmed a variety show that required them to take care of a female high school student.

The 2010 show was called Infinite! You Are My Brother and the female high school student later became Lovelyz’ Jiae.


While the INFINITE members were not even that much older than Jiae, they were made to take care of her by cooking for her, sending her to school and helping her to stay on track.


The writer of the program is said to have gone for the “fantasy older brother” concept but it was also a means of introducing the INFINITE members before their debut.


Numerous netizens remembered the program and reminisced about those days and how things have changed.

  • “If you watch this now, there are so many things that could become an issue. They showed all the INFINITE members in the bathhouse…”
  • “This is such a nostalgic memory lol.”
  • “This show was sooo funny.”
  • “This program was so good. INFINITE is really funny. Their chemistry was just so funny.”
  • “I’ve never seen that program before but Jiae’s pose in the poster, it would probably have become controversial if it were these days.”
  • “I remember Jiae’s concept was to be rude so she was always bashed by INFINITE fans.”
  • “Seriously it’s a reality that cannot be broadcast these days… Each episode would become a controversy.”


Check out the first episode here:

Source: Pann Nate