Lovelyz Mijoo Makes Her Airport Photos More Exciting By Doing This

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo has been gaining attention lately for showing off her unique personality throughout the airport.

Most idols, if they pose at all while having their photos taken, strike a safe, conventional pose at the airport crosswalk. Lovelyz’s Mijoo, however, has a different strategy that has been garnering a lot of attention. Instead of making a natural pose for a picture, she goes out of her way to create something special that the cameras just eat up.

Instead of standing there and waving her hand at cameras, Mijoo pretends the airport is a runway.
Mijoo makes sure she stands out by creating a pose that’s different from her fellow members.
Her aegyo and windswept hair make for a stunning photo.
Her playful and fun-loving nature really comes out in these photos.
Her antics aren’t limited to the airport cross-walk. She continues to ham it up all through the airport.
That’s a memorable pout.
I know my parents said never to take candy from strangers, but surely they weren’t referring to Mijoo.