Lovelyz’ Mijoo Once Made The Members Of Super Junior Speechless With Her Insane Duality

“She’s in a different dimension!”

LovelyzMijoo has charm like no other and part of that is due to how she is not afraid to have fun and express herself! Mijoo once proved this in an episode of Super Tv 2!

Within the episode, Mijoo participated in a “Random Dance” battle with the members of Super Junior! Before getting started, it was revealed that Mijoo, as many know, is “Good at random dancing.

For the first round, Super Junior’s Shindong went up against Mijoo and started off with some comedic moves! Unfortunately, Shindong’s crazy dance moves weren’t enough for the members of Lovelyz as many of them shouted, “Your dancing is weak.”

Without warning, Mijoo took over with an incredibly hilarious dance move that Leeteuk titled, “Shampoo dance.” Shindong’s reaction to Mijoo’s dancing was priceless!

Instead of dancing back, Mijoo continued and showed off her skills! While it was on the funnier side, many argued that it was also quite sexy! Mijoo finally won in the last round after Shindong wasn’t able to dance along to the last song.

Yesung was brave enough to go up against winner Mijoo next! Before the battle started, Leeteuk warned everyone that Yesung is the king of random dancing.

Much like Shindong, Yesung struggled to keep up with Mjioo and shouted, “She’s in a different dimension!” Shindong added, “What are we supposed to do against a rare specimen?

The members were so fascinated by Mijoo’s dancing that they allowed her to have the floor to herself! It was then that Mijoo shocked everyone with her incredible duality!

Mijoo flaunted her sexy side with a sultry dance; however, it quickly turned crazy and comedic! The members of both Lovelyz and Super Junior lost it and exploded with laughter. Heechul commented, “Her sexy dance is different.”

Check out the video below: