Lovelyz Turned Their Airport Style Into The Ultimate a Fashion Show Experience

Idol airport fashion is a staple of the K-Pop experience, but Lovelyz took the concept to the next level and had an impromptu fashion show — right in the middle of the bustling airport!

On April 24, rookie girl group Lovelyz touched down at Incheon Airport following their return from Canada’s annual Comic-con in Calgary.

Even though they had just got off of a long flight, the girls didn’t look tired at all and were energetically posing for the fans who had gathered to welcome them from Canada.

Check out Lovelyz’s unexpected fashion show below!

Kei strikes a tilted pose in her high heels.
Jin shows her confidence and style in a chic hat and white dress shirt combo!
Mijoo speed skates both down the runway, very chic.
Yein gives a glimpse of her sultry side in her high-tops and distressed denim jacket.
Soojung pops a leg out but keeps her cool by wearing her shades indoors.
Baby Soul couldn’t look cuter in this pose, especially considering her whimsical sneakers.
Jisoo gives us a taste of her CF abilities by working that Starbucks prop like there’s no tomorrow.
Jiae is the picture of an angel!