Lovelyz’s Kei Is Under Fire For Copying Taeyeon’s “I” Pictures and Video

The atmospheres were similar.

Lovelyz‘s Kei was revealed to be releasing her own solo album to the excitement of her fans. As soon as her teaser images were released, however, netizens were quick to point out their similarities to Taeyeon‘s concept for her “I” debut EP featuring Verbal Jint.

They both have a soft atmosphere with a similar color palette. Taeyeon and Kei sported similar hair colors as well.

Their teasers for their music videos were further set in a similar field with a nostalgic feel to them.

Some netizens agreed that Kei was plagiarising Taeyeon.

It seems the concept is similar…

– Korean Netizen

But I also thought about Taeyeon while I watched Kei’s teaserㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizen

Others, however, pointed out that the concept was not a new one to either of the singers.

Isn’t this concept too common? If you look at the teasers of ballad songs, you can see the same vibe

– Korean Netizen

Taeyeon’s concept is not unique… I think it’s popular

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo