L.O.V.Es Are Wild Over NU’EST Aron’s “Male Adult Hands” Making Mojitos

Even his hands are good-looking.

In a collaborative live broadcast with Dispatch, NU’EST‘s Aron opened his  “Aron’s Jazzbar” for a day. While teaching his fans how to serve up home made cocktails, Aron unintentionally showed off his hands – and L.O.V.Es are dying over how beautiful they are.


Aron welcomed the viewers to his “bar” and explained that he’ll be making lime mojitos. He was dressed to impress, in a simple white shirt and a tie, finished off with an apron – and fans were already deeply in love with this bartender look.


But the real UWU came once he began preparing the mint and lime for the cocktail.


As Aron got to slicing up the limes, fans couldn’t help but notice how good his hands look!


Aron’s hands looked strong but soft, with long fingers that gave them a delicate vibe. As his hands continued to hover over the bar counter to mix up the cocktail, fans couldn’t keep their eyes off!


Fans are now calling them Aron’s “male adult hands”, with something undeniably sexy and masculine about them.


As it isn’t too unusual for a K-Pop idol to go viral for an irresistibly good-looking body part, Aron’s hands are going to be a hot topic among the fans for a while.


Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO