Lucky Fan Captures What BTS Was Actually Like At The AMAs

The world is shaken by BTS’s appearance on the AMAs, and fans recounted what it was like to see them live.

When BTS arrived at the venue, a lot of audiences were standing and screaming to welcome them.

A fan also revealed some notable moments from BTS sitting in the audience.

When BTS Suga left the seating area and came back, BTS fans screamed as they did when BTS entered the venue, making Suga stunned by his fans.

Members were also spotted enjoying Shawn Mendes’ performance by playing an air guitar, jumping, and dancing to the performance.

During one of the commercial breaks, the venue played an ad for BTSxAMAs merchandise and fans screamed out loud with joy.

After the ad,  BTS Jin stood up and turned around facing the audience, and blew a kiss to the fans.

During BTS’s performance, fans were chanting so loud, they could barely hear the members sing.

The second floor of the venue, which was nearly full of A.R.M.Y holding their Army bombs, had a night to remember with their boys!

In case you missed it, here is BTS’s main stage from the AMAs!

Source: @panic_fanatic27