Lucky fan goes out on a date with Lee Dong Wook

Several fans of Lee Dong Wook were lucky enough to reenact some scenes from his dramas with him at his recent fan meet and go on ‘dates’ with him.

Lee Dong Wook recently embarked on his 2017 Asia Tour, where his latest fan meet was held in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre.

According to his agency, over 1,000 people attended the press conference held before the fan meeting and even more attended the fan meet.

Once the event started, Lee Dong Wook treated his fans to his own performance of Goblin’s OST “I Miss You” by SISTAR‘s Soyou, and even asked one lucky fan to join him on stage.

However, the most memorable moment for some fans was when they were given the opportunity to reenact some of their favorite scenes from the dramas he acted in. Fans were selected by raffle, and winners were invited up to the stage to act out the scene with him in front of the entire audience.

A lucky fan poses with Lee Dong Wook in a dancer’s embrace.

Fortunately, fans who missed out on the reenactment event could still see and interact with Lee Dong Wook face to face when they held a high-touch event to end the fan meet.

Check out of the reenactment below!

Source: Dispatch