Luhan’s Public Relationship With Girlfriend Causes Rift With Agency’s CEO

An insider claims that Luhan’s public relationship created tensions between him and his label.

Luhan has recently parted ways with his Chinese agency, but a Chinese news portal announced that despite the CEO’s encouraging message, their parting was in fact not very peaceful at all.


Luhan and the agency’s CEO had tensions since before because of the agency’s lack of effort on matters such as public relations or protection of the artist’s image. The tensions were intensified with the public announcement of Luhan’s relationship with girlfriend, Guan Xiaotong.


Guan Xiaotong is a famous Chinese actress who is often referred to as the “Nation’s Daughter” in China.


Since the announcement of their relationship, they’ve been seen openly dating in public.

Source: Weibo

Luhan traveling in Osaka with his girlfriend.


During the time when their relationship was announced, extreme fans went as far as to attempt self-harm and even suicide over the issue, causing the Beijing police to intervene.

The police posted on Weibo, “We hope that everyone would admire idols rationally. Destructive and suicidal behaviors are a radical way of worshiping idols. We advise parents to watch over their children and report to 110 for emergencies.”


According to the insider, the issues eventually piled up which resulted in Luhan parting with his label.


Source: Dispatch