Luna Confesses All The Hardship She Faced Because Of Extreme Dieting

Luna confessed recently that she went on an extreme unhealthy dieting plan to achieve a thinner weight.

Luna was frequently commented about her thicker body figure compared to the other naturally thin f(x) members.

In order to fit the “ideal idol weight”, Luna said she lost 10 kg (~22 lbs) and hit as low as 40 kg (~88 lbs) from extreme dieting.

She only consumed protein and took out every kind of carbs from her daily intake.

Luna only relied on protein and milk for 6 months to achieve the “ideal idol weight”.

Although she may have looked thinner, her body was exhausted from the extreme dieting.

As a result, she lost all of her muscles and experienced fatigue much easily throughout her day.

Thankfully, Luna has turned away from the unhealthy lifestyle and now consume regular amounts of food.

With diet control and exercise, Luna looks fabulous in her healthy new weight!

Source: Nate News