LUNARSOLAR Working With SHINee And Red Velvet’s Directors And Producers For Their First Comeback

This rookie group is being supported by some high-end talent!

LUNARSOLAR has been preparing to release their 2nd single album, SOLAR: rise, on April 7!

Fans have been very curious about this album as it will be the girls’ first comeback! LUNARSOLAR recently posted the pre-order details that included some information on the album’s contents.

The title track, “DADADA,” is a Deep House song which is a genre from the 1980s that infused Chicago house, jazz-funk, and a touch of soul music.  The song was produced by BXN and KEEBOMB, who have also worked with famous artists such as BoAEXIDHyunAAPINKTHE BOYZ, VICTON, and more. It is a song that will inspire confidence and loving who you are.

The second song, “BOM BI DI BOM,” was produced by KZHONEYSWEAT, and B.O who had worked before with LUNARSOLAR on their debut song, “OH YA YA YA.” It is described as a Moombahton and Latin pop track with an addicting hook and great vocal harmonies. Moombahton is an electronic dance genre derived from house music and reggaeton.

The final track, “Lonely,” is an electronic Moombahton-like song that features Latin pop elements and whistling sounds in the hook. The song also has lyrics written by their leader Eseo!

It was also revealed that the music video for the title track “DADADA” was directed by Shin Heewon, who has worked with many SM and Cube artists in the past. Some of his most famous works include SHINee‘s “View,” HyunA‘s “Babe,” f(x)‘s “4 Walls,” LUNA‘s “Free Somebody,” CLC‘s “Where Are You?,” and many Red Velvet songs like “Russian Roulette,” “One Of These Nights,” and “Rookie.”

These intriguing details have made fans very excited for the girls’ comeback, which is likely to be outstanding!

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