How Do You Maintain Your Youth? Second-Generation K-Pop Idol Looks Exactly Like He Did When He Debuted

He shared his secret to looking young.

Recently, SHINee member Taemin expressed how he felt about looking young and the secret to maintaining a youthful image.

Taemin | @xoalsox/Instagram

On October 30, Taemin attended a press conference for his fourth mini-album, Guilty.

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During the press conference, he discussed how his long career has impacted his life.

I debuted when I was a student, but now I’m already in my 30s… Now, the people who love me have become a part of my life. Sometimes, I hear comments like, ‘I’ve been watching you since your school days.’ At those times, I feel pride and a sense of accomplishment in sharing memories with many people through music.

— Taemin

A young Taemin | SM Entertainment

Taemin was then asked, “Until when do you plan to maintain your youthful image?” Despite debuting 15 years ago, Taemin is known for looking youthful—just as he did when he debuted.

A young Taemin | SM Entertainment

Taemin jokingly replied to the question with a “silly answer” that was, in a way, a key to how he maintained his youth.

This might be a silly answer, but they say that if your insulin levels rise, aging accelerates. So, I’m trying not to eat often and maintain an empty stomach… I’m also trying not to expose myself to a lot of sunlight, applying sunscreen well.

— Taemin


The singer then joked that he plans to maintain his youthful image until he is old. However, he admitted that he may need some assistance.

I want to maintain my youthful image until I’m 47. Just kidding. (Laughs) I feel like there may not be much time left, but I still want to encompass both a youthful and masculine feel for about three more years. I think I need to receive proper management and seek the help of medicine.

— Taemin

SHINee members | @xoalsox/Instagram

Whenever SHINee makes a comeback, people often say they transformed from “boys to men.” Regarding this statement, Taemin said with a laugh that this would not last long.

We’re still okay for now, but if we start getting wrinkly and it becomes hard to control our bodies, we may become a source of teasing. (Laughs)

— Taemin

Despite Taemin’s jokes, seeing how he has maintained his youthful image for 15 years, it is likely that he will maintain this for many more years.

SHINee members | @xoalsox/Instagram

Taemin debuted in 2008 as a member of SHINee and made his solo debut in 2014. His new album, which was released on October 30, includes the title track “Guilty” and a total of six songs, including “The Rizzness,” “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not,” “Not Over You,” and more.

Source: E Daily