Make Your Own Edible BT21 Tata, If You Can Really Get Yourself To Eat It

It’s too cute to chomp…!

On ARIKITCHEN‘s YouTube Channel, an incredible step-by-step guide on how to make your very own BT21 Tata cookie was shared. ARMYs are mind blown by not only the finished product, which looks and sounds delicious, but also the amount of time and effort that went into baking this Tata cookie!


ARIKITCHEN showed how to make the cookie dough, specifically into 4 colors – of black, blue, red, and yellow – needed to make Tata’s face and the background. The YouTuber explained that the cookie dough needs to be refrigerated often throughout the cookie-making process because the shape needs to hold!


The YouTuber then shared in detail how to shape Tata’s face. She started with the mouth…


… then built Tata’s face around the mouth.


She also showed how to add Tata’s eyes and brows.

It’s important to fill all gaps because otherwise, you’ll have holes and cracks when you bake the cookie!



To turn this blob of dough into an actual Tata shape – which is a lopsided heart – ARIKITCHEN used a cylindrical dough cut in halves. By adding these on top of the refrigerated and solidified Tata face dough, she got a step closer to completing the heart!


The incomplete Tata needed to be refrigerated overnight. The next day, once everything was set, the YouTuber cut everything into the shape of Tata. What started off as blobs of dough now started to look very much like the character we know and love!


ARIKITCHEN added blue dough to fill the background and black dough to create some edges.


Eventually, the cookie dough was ready. Cut into bread-like slices, these Tata cookies looked amazing…


… and even better baked!


The only thing is, ARMYs realized, the cookie Tata is simply too cute to be eaten! So while this Tata was totally edible… it really isn’t!


Watch the full baking video here, to bring Tata to your own kitchen: