What Makes BTS’s Suga Such A Great Producer, According To Co-Writer June

“I believe he knows. what the listeners want.”

Former BTS producer JUNE recently sat down with HeyDay on YouTube for an exclusive interview, giving fans a deeper insight into the creative process behind BTS’s music and shedding light on what it’s like working with the biggest boy group in the world. During the interview, JUNE revealed his candid opinions about BTS and, in particular, his experience collaborating with the group’s renowned producer, Suga.

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JUNE, who has contributed to various BTS songs such as “Awake” and “Lost” from the album Wings, as well as the title track “Not Today” from You Never Walk Alone, recounted his collaboration with Suga. It all began when Suga visited JUNE’S room and listened to his songs. The two artists engaged in deep conversations, establishing a strong relationship that laid the foundation for their creative partnership.

The collaboration between JUNE and Suga was ignited when Suga requested JUNE to write the melody for the song “WINE.” Honored and excited by the opportunity, he poured his heart and soul into creating the melody as per Suga’s request. To JUNE’s astonishment, his melody was selected, and the song was released to great acclaim. “WINE” dominated the charts for an impressive three months, solidifying his presence in the music industry. He recalls the overwhelming feeling of pride and satisfaction, realizing that a song he had crafted was being played everywhere he went. The success of “WINE” not only resonated with JUNE but also garnered the pride and admiration of his parents.

Wherever I went, that song was on play. I was just astonished that time. My parents were proud of me too.

— JUNE about “WINE”

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When asked about Suga’s prowess as a producer, JUNE expressed his belief that Suga possesses an exceptional understanding of what listeners crave. He has an innate ability to transform small ideas into monumental musical experiences. The songwriter explained that Suga meticulously considers every detail, tirelessly consulting on various aspects of the production process, from start to finish. This attention to detail, JUNE revealed, is the secret behind the creation of some of the most iconic and beloved BTS songs.

I believe he knows. what the listeners want. He has the power to make small things seem huge. He consults about everything from 1 to 10. That’s the secret to making one of the most famous songs.

— JUNE about Suga

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Suga’s commitment to excellence and his dedication to understanding the desires of the audience contribute to his immense success as a producer. He is not only a talented musician but also a visionary who has the power to transform ordinary concepts into extraordinary musical masterpieces. JUNE’s firsthand experience working alongside Suga has left an indelible impression on him, making him appreciate Suga’s exceptional talents and unwavering commitment to creating music that resonates with millions of fans worldwide.

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As BTS continues to captivate audiences with their music, Suga’s role as a producer remains crucial to their artistic direction. His ability to understand the needs of listeners and his meticulous attention to every aspect of production ensure that BTS’s discography is filled with powerful, emotionally charged songs that resonate deeply with fans.

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