The 3 Things That Make Weki Meki’s Doyeon’s Visuals So Perfect, According To A Plastic Surgeon

From her face to her figure, Doyeon is an idol everyone wants to look like.

No one can deny that Weki Meki’s Doyeon is a striking beauty, but have you ever wondering just what it is that makes her face impossible to look away from? According to plastic surgeon PSPS (Phillip Son) on YouTube, there are three main reasons why her visuals are so perfect.

In PSPS’s opinion, while Produce 101’s first season was filled with stunning visuals like Kyulkyung and DIA’s Chaeyeon, Doyeon stood out the most.

The plastic surgeon went on to say that since she competed to join I.O.I, Doyeon’s looks have been compared to star actress Jun Ji Hyun.

Jun Ji Hyun in her 20s

I like [being called “little Jun Ji Hyun”] so much. But Jun Ji Hyun is in a different league, so I do feel somewhat apologetic. It seems like it could cause her trouble, but I’m very grateful for the title itself.

— Doyeon, The Star (2018)

However, he said Jun Ji Hyun has a more standard and conventional beauty, while Doyeon’s face is very unique. But just what is it that makes her so striking?

According to PSPS, the first point to look at is Doyeon’s eyes. He described her eyes as “big and clear” because she has a natural looking “inline” double eyelid.

| @wekimeki/Twitter

There are three types of double eyelid—inline, outline, and in-outline. With inline double eyelids, the line gets narrower as it goes from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner. Plastic surgeons like PSPS say inline double eyelids have a more natural look, while outlines have a cooler look.

| Maybelline New York

PSPS also said Doyeon’s lower lash line dips in the middle of her eyes, giving her a similar impression to actress Lee Sung Kyung.

Lee Sung Kyung | 러브캣 LOVCAT

Next, the surgeon talked about Doyeon’s nose—one of her most unmissable features. PSPS noted that her nose is very different to the typical beauty standard.

For one, both her nose bridge and nostril area are wider than most idol’s noses. On top of that, the tip of her nose is also “boxy”.

The angles of her nose give it a longer appearance, which in turn makes her philtrum look shorter.

While her nose doesn’t fit the typical look most people associate with beauty, it’s actually part of what makes her so attractive. PSPS explained that Doyeon’s rounded and more prominent nose gives her a young, cute, and friendly look.

According to the plastic surgeon, other gorgeous idols with a boxy nose tip include Hyeri and BLACKPINK’s Lisa.


And last but not least, PSPS said Doyeon’s lips may be the prettiest among all idols.

| @wekimeki/Twitter

In his expert opinion, her lips are perfectly full, and she has the ideal size ratio between her slightly smaller upper lip and slightly larger lower lip.

| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

On top of that, the corners of her mouth are naturally upturned, making her look as though she’s smiling. No wonder everyone is so drawn to her warm beauty!

| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

Watch the full video for yourself here:

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