Makeup Artist Picks Two TWICE Members As The Prettiest Idols She’s Seen Without Makeup

She’s worked with many celebrities and idols over the years, like EVERGLOW and Crayon Pop.

Through her YouTube Channel WayLand, former Crayon Pop member Way has been revealing all sorts of secrets about idols. In one of her latest uploads, she featured celebrity makeup artist Jo Sang Ki for tips on the perfect makeup looks and proper application.

Since they’d known each other since Way’s idol promotions, she was able to dig a little bit deeper. Way asked if there were any celebrities who were “really pretty or who had the prettiest bare-face.”

Although she’s worked with many beautiful actors like Kim Ga Eun and Jang Ki Yong and idol groups TWICEEVERGLOW and FAVORITE, Sang Ki already knew which idols she would choose, both of them being from the same group.

Before Sang Ki answered, she started off with a saying, “They say that arms bend inward,” to indicate that she would be choosing idols she spends a lot of time with. She then stated, “I would say TWICE’s Tzuyu and Jihyo.”

Since the question involved two parts, she clarified which member fit into which category by explaining why she’d chosen them.

She started with leader Jihyo, pointing out a feature that draws attention, “Jihyo has really pretty eyes.” Sang Ki didn’t think that was the only thing that made her stunning, “Her face without makeup is really pretty.”

For maknae Tzuyu, she said what everyone thinks of the idol, “Tzuyu just looks like a doll.” Way thought she was just as beautiful, saying, “I would think she’d look pretty with anything.” Since she often sees Tzuyu in person, even bare-faced, Sang Ki agreed, “Yes, she’s really pretty.”

Taking into account all of the idols Sang Ki has seen over the years and done makeup for, Tzuyu and Jihyo are the ones who take the crown with their natural beauty.

Watch Sang Ki and Way talk about the stunning idols and their beautiful bare faces here. Were they the members you were expecting?