Idol Makeup Artists Reveal Why Kim Soo Hyun’s Makeup Is The Easiest To Do

Parts of the handsome actor’s face just make it too easy.

Through AYO‘s series Comment Defenders, everyone gets a closer look into what happens behind the scenes with Korean celebrities. In the latest episode, celebrity hair designers and makeup artists Shin Ae and Seo Yoon got to the bottom of common questions.

One of them was which celebrity made it easy to do their makeup. They chose the ever-popular actor Kim Soo Hyun and revealed just what makes the task oh so simple.


As soon as the question “Who was the easiest celebrity to put makeup on?” was asked, Shin Ae didn’t hesitate to announce what a breeze it was for the actor. She didn’t have to put much effort into his makeup look at all, “Kim Soo Hyun. I didn’t have to do anything.

His bare face wasn’t merely the perfect base for any look. Instead, Kim Soo Hyun’s face nearly looked like it had makeup on it already, “He has nice skin. His eyebrows are pretty. It was already ready before I did anything.

As a makeup artist, it left little work for Shin Ae to do. All she had to do was enhance what was already there, “There was not much to do, for real.

No wonder Kim Soo Hyun looked so natural in the promotional photos for his hit drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. The makeup artists didn’t have to do much to make him glow.

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Out of all the actors, idols, and celebrities that Shin Ae worked with, in her ten-plus years in the industry, Kim Soo Hyun topped the list for his natural beauty. Watch the two answer more questions about their behind-the-scenes experiences with celebrities here.