Maknaes of EXO, SHINee And NCT All Have A Same Question They Want To Ask Fans

Sorry, mom…

To be a devoted fan of a k-pop idol, you know you need to be willing to risk everything for a chance to see your favorite in person. It’s not the fans’ fault, sometimes that chance comes when you’re supposed to be at work or school so one needs to make hard decisions.

That decision sometimes leads to the idols confused about how the fans live their lives. It’s not something fans want to discuss with their favorite oppas, but it comes up.

SHINee‘s Taemin wondered how his fans were able to come and see him perform on MBC Music’s Show Champion at 8 am.

“Don’t you have to go to work? …School?”

EXO‘s Sehun also wanted to know how their fans could attend performance pre-recordings multiple days in a row.

“I have a question… Who came to yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s recordings too? …What about your school? Work?”

NCT’s Jisung had the same question for his fans. Mark stopped him quickly and reminded Jisung he shouldn’t ask those type of questions. It’s an uncomfortable truth no one needs to talk about…

 “I have a question, how about school or work….?”

“You can’t ask that question!”


Ssshhhh… Don’t ask guys… We know what we’re doing…

Source: Instiz