Maknaes NCT’s Jisung And VICTON’s Subin Can Do All Things Cute Except For One

The fact that they can’t makes it even more adorable.

Idols are skilled in many different areas. While they’re naturally skilled in some, they’re not so gifted in others—no matter how hard they try. That’s adorably the case for NCT Dream‘s Jisung and VICTON‘s Subin.

Although they’re the maknaes of their groups and expected to do all things cute, winking is one thing they both can’t seem to win at.

For NCT Dream’s appearance in Idol Room, all of the members took turns winking to win the coveted “A” sticker for successfully passing the mission. Between cute winks and ones that couldn’t entirely be labeled as such, Jisung stood out.

As soon as he started winking, it hilariously didn’t look like winking at all. Between his cheeks and mouth, it seemed like those were the only things moving. Halfway through, even Jisung noticed things weren’t going as he’d planned.

After taking a breather to point out to the hosts that he wasn’t good at it, Jisung still did his best until the very end. He tried once more to wink and cutely failed.

Since his attempt was more on the cute side rather than funny, Jisung went and collected his F sticker from Jung Hyung Don. He was far from alone in his winking weakness.

During VICTON’s appearance on hello82‘s Question Parade, Subin faced the question of how many times he could wink in five seconds. Although it sounded easy enough, it wasn’t. He confessed, “I can’t wink.”

Despite the confession, Subin didn’t let it stop him from giving it his all. Just like Jisung, there was a lot of movement of his cheeks and mouth. To make it even more adorable, both of his eyebrows moved as well. There were no real winks to be found, but this was even better.

Although there was no one to grade Subin’s winking, he would get what Jisung should’ve received: an A for effort, or maybe a C for cuteness.

Who needs the traditional way of winking when Subin and Jisung are doing whatever it is that they do?

Maybe it should be a sub-genre of winking, like two-eyed winking? Either way, check out Jisung and Subin successfully being cute maknaes, just not in the way everyone expected.