This Malaysian Celebrity Had An Epic “Goblin” Themed Wedding That Will Make You Die Of Envy

This Goblin-inspired wedding is couple goals.

When Malaysian singer Shila Amzah got married her wedding theme was inspired by the Korean drama Goblin!

Shila Amzah rose to fame when she took part in the Chinese I Am A Singer competition in 2014, facing off against singers from around Asia and eventually placing third.

The bilingual singer released a pre-wedding video featuring recreated scenes from the 2016 drama with Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun.

It included stunning filming locations similar to the series… where Shila Amzah cuddled up to husband-to-be Haris Idraki Elias just like the Goblin couple.

Shila Amzah admitted she had a crush on her fiance for seven years before they started dating, and even wrote a song about her unrequited love!

Their wedding photos included the buckwheat flower that Kim Shin gives Ji Euntak in the drama.

The wedding video fused Goblin scenes and themes with traditional Malaysian wedding attire and decorations. Despite Shila’s choice of a black reception dress being controversial, she stuck true to her theme!

Some love it some hate it… honestly, I don’t care sebab this is my wedding 😁 And I always wanted to wear black on one of my receptions… dreams do come true innit? 🤗

— Shila Amzah

Shila Amzah is known for her amazing K-Pop covers of artists like BIGBANG, Blackpink and Ailee – and she hinted at her love of Goblin when she covered multiple OST’s for the drama, including “Beautiful” and “I will go to you like the first snow”.


Naturally, the public was blown away by how beautiful and meaningful the Goblin-inspired wedding was.


Congratulations to the beautiful couple!