Malaysian Girl Complains About The Difficulties Of Having Big Boobs

While many girls can only dream of having a bigger chest, but one Malaysian girl says they’re more of a nuisance.

An anonymous Malaysian student recently shared a confession on her college confessions page, where she revealed that she was tired of having a huge chest.

She proceeded to list 5 disadvantages of having a busty chest, so check them out below!

1. We can’t see our toes

Having a big chest will never let you look at your toes without having to bend over and push your buns down. All that effort just to see your toes!

Image Source: Clary Sage

2. Wearing knitted clothing makes you look gigantic

Knitted pullovers and tops are extremely stylish and practical for the winter, but when you have a big chest, it’s just not as flattering.

As the knitwear stretches to the shape of one’s bosoms, it makes them look even bigger, making the wearer look bigger than they really are.

Image Source: Refinery29

3. Sports bras are a staple for working out

If you have a big chest and you forgot your sports bra to the gym, you’ll be having one very uncomfortable workout session. Just imagine running on a treadmill without any support!

Not only would it be uncomfortable with your chests jiggling everywhere, but it could be quite painful, too.

Image Source: Self

4. Anything low-cut looks inappropriate

Wearing low-cut fashion items are all the trend, as it elongates the neck and gives women a more effeminate look.

For women with bigger busts, however, wearing a low-cut top or dress may look inappropriate, as there will inevitably be some cleavage showing, even if the clothes aren’t designed to look that way.

5. Unwanted cleavage in selfies

Often times, women with bigger assets find it difficult to completely hide their cleavage without wearing a top that comes up to their neck (which is quite uncomfortable for them).

When taking selfies, there may be some cleavage in the photo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was intended!

Oftentimes, they’re just too big to hide, and inevitably make their way into the photo!

Source: UTAR Confessions