These Male Actors Looked Unimpressed by TWICE’s Performance

They actually look so unimpressed.

On November 23, the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards was held in Dongdaemun, Seoul.

At this awards ceremony, TWICE performed their new song, “Yes or Yes” during the second part of the show.

The members were dressed in black and white as they showed off their individual charms on stage.

However, what caught the viewers’ attention was the reaction of actors, Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Dong Wook.

In contrast to the hosts who were getting in the groove of the song, these two actors stared on with straight faces.

When Joo Ji Hoon noticed the camera, he immediately turned his gaze to the electronic display.

And Kim Dong Wook stared on without moving a single part of his body.

Their robot-like behavior caused the viewers to react in an entertaining way:

“How could they not smile when TWICE is performing in front of them?”

“I died of laughter when I saw those two.”

“They look so serious that it’s hilarious.”

Watch the hilarious parts below at 0:50 and 2:10:

Source: Insight