A Male ARMY Asked Jungkook To Go Out With Him — Here’s Jungkook’s Adorable Response

The male fan took his shot — and Jungkook answered him back.

It’s no secret that worldwide superstar BTS have millions of fans worldwide.

And while the usual stereotype is ARMYs are usually composed of teenage girls, the diversity of BTS’s fandom proves this wrong: some BTS fans are parents who show support to their children for liking BTS…

…and yes, naturally, some ARMYs are male fans who are dedicated to liking BTS and their music for a long time. Being a male fan is hard, though, since you don’t really know how a male idol will react to you when you interact with them. But for BTS’s Jungkook, his interaction with male fans is the same as his interaction with female fans.

Take this moment, for example, when a male fan showed his support for Jungkook and playfully asked him to go out with him.

Fan: Although I’m a fanboy, I really love Jungkook very, very much. Do you want to go on a date with me? Hahaha

Jungkook: [you’re] brave… Haha. Alright!

This isn’t the only time Jungkook broke homophobia and gender barriers. Back in one of their interviews when the members were asked what they thought about fashion, Jungkook had this as his answer:

It’s really heartwarming to see BTS’s Jungkook speaking out about important concerns in society, such as toxic masculinity, homophobia and gender stereotypes about fashion.