The three most common body types among male K-Pop idols

Body types play a very important role in one’s visual presentation and K-pop idols who are the best in the world when it comes to visuals are largely categorized into 3 body types.

The average South Korean male weighs about 73kg (160lbs) and is about 174cm (5ft8.5in) tall. But as with all people, the heights and weights of K-pop idols may substantially differ. Their weights can deviate up to 20kg(44lb) away from the average. Check out the three most common male idol body types!

1. Skinny
Idols who are skinny can weigh in at about 50kg (110lbs~120lbs). Due to their petite size, they have the advantage of being able to show off a more feminine side. They are also able to portray young adult concepts well. Groups that boast stylish, fierce, synchronized choreographies usually have this body type.


EXO Kai skinny concept.

2. Tall
Tall idols usually measure above 180cm (5ft11in) in height. The energy and aura that these giants radiate cannot be easily replicated.

Chanyeol tall.



3. Muscular
Many refer to these idols as the “beastly idols.” They have powerful, tight, and well-defined arms and abdominal muscles. They give off a strong and charismatic aura. While their weights are closest to the average, their body types are very different.

Rain and his sexy body.

 – Jolly

These idols can only be described with one word: jolly! Their heftier body sizes are reminiscent of large plushies and give off an aura of energy and enthusiasm. These idols may boast quirky and excitable personalities, songs, and music videos.

Psy jolly.

What kind of body type does your favorite idol have? Let us know in the comments below!