This Male Celebrity Was Violently Assaulted And Had Half Of His Face Completely Shattered

Singer Lee Sang Min revealed that his left face was shattered from a brutal street fight.

During JTBC’s My Ugly Duckling, he visited a hospital to get X-Ray check-ups.

But the doctor was shocked to discover that his left cheekbone was full of nails that held his bone in place.

Lee Sang Min revealed that he once had to reconstruct his bones piece by piece because of a fight.

Years ago, he attended a celebratory dinner after filming a group’s music video.

But when someone assaulted his friend Nam Hee Suk, Lee Sang Min decided to step up for him.

He got into a fight with the attacker who ended up shattering his cheekbone.

When Lee Sang Min bent down to pick up the watch he dropped, the attacker repeatedly kicked him in the face.

It took 8 weeks for him to reconstruct his face and fully heal.

The attack left a permanent damage to his nose, which is now pushed at an awkward angle toward the right.

To prevent his mom from worrying too much, he kept the fact that he had to nail in his cheekbones piece by piece a secret.

The whole cast of the show was left shocked and speechless as they couldn’t fathom how much pain he must have suffered.

Thankfully, the pain is now behind him as Lee Sang Min continues to grow as a successful artist and celebrity.

Watch the complete segment of the episode below.