Male Celebrity Picks Up A Rock, Turns Out To Be Worth Hundreds Of Dollars

Remember to pick up any pretty rock you see because it may just turn out to be worth lots of money!

During SBS’s My Ugly Duckling, Park Soo Hong and Yoon Jung Soo explored the shorelines of a lake to pick up decorative rocks.

Yoon Jung Soo’s uncle, who hobbies in collecting rocks, revealed that certain rocks, depending on the crystal structure, could be worth a lot of money.

Park Soo Hong and Yoon Jung Soo went rock collecting, hoping to find some that had monetary value.

After a while, they decided to pick up a certain rock that seemed to be the prettiest. But they didn’t think it would cost more than any regular rock.

However, when they took the rock to a mineralogist, a rock turned out to cost 250,000 won (~$250 USD)!

The mineralogist explained that depending on its color, hardness, and the surface markings, a rock could be determined as a valuable meteorite.

After Park Soo Hong’s good fortune, many netizens headed out to the nearby lakes to pick up the couple hundred bucks laying around!

Source: Dispatch