This Male Idol Cut His Ridiculous Hair And Now The Internet Is Falling In Love With Him

JBJ’s Kim Sang Gyun was famous for his unique hairstyles during his debut days as A-Tom from Topp Dogg.

He often went around in long wavy locks that reminded fans of the Roaring 20’s.

He then dyed it red and did a complete sweep to the side.

Then tried out a unique twist to the famous samurai bun…

And even dared to create a mock-afro with a bushy set of hair!

Fans were unaware of just how beautiful he looked underneath all the hair-terrors.

[+249, -5] “Burying down a handsome face for no reason.”

Fan on a Korean community

Some even questioned if their stylist was hiding his good looks on purpose!

But then when he shed the name A-Tom for Kim Sang Gyun, he completely changed his looks by chopping off his hair!

His recent transformation with a simple black haircut has all the fans praising him for his fresh new look.

They believe the simple haircut fits best, as it easily highlights his gorgeous visuals.

Who knew that a person’s hidden gem can be found from just by a simple make-over?