This Male Idol Is The Epitome Of Boyfriend Goals For How He Treats Female Celebrities

Male idols and celebrities are usually fairly kind to the opposite sex, but this man consistently shows female celebrities that chivalry is still alive.

Kim Jong Kook, often known as “Tiger Kook”, is textbook boyfriend material when it comes to dating as he is the perfect gentleman.

As the main singer of the long-running dance group Turbo and core member of Running Man Kim Jong Kook has shown his manners time and again on the small screen.

Yes, with each new appearance, Kim Jong Kook proved he was the epitome of boyfriend goals.

Even while carrying a lady on his back, Kim Jong Kook doesn’t forget his manner hands.

He may be big, muscly, and masculine, but don’t let that fool you…

Because Kim Jong Kook would be the first person to help out if a lady needed a hand.

No wonder so many think that he is perfect boyfriend material.

Source: Insight