This Male Idol Accidentally Used an “Inappropriate” Slang Word on Live Broadcast

He was so embarrassed that he got up and ran out the door.

MONSTA X recently held a live broadcast to chat with fans in the middle of their world tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands where I.M accidentally used a slang word and showed the most hilarious reaction.

During the broadcast, Wonho and I.M talked about their daily lives and shared some tourist photos of themselves that they tour on their world tour.

After an easy-going conversation, I.M asked, “Hyung, are you always like this on V Live?” to which “Yeah. Why?

I.M then expressed his skepticism and replied, “Really? You are? That’s not true. I’ve seen your live broadcasts before…

When Wonho asked how he was in past live broadcasts, I.M. accidentally used a slang word that idols never use by saying, “You’re damn…” and made Wonho burst into uncontrollable laughter.

I.M was so shocked by his mistake that he ended up getting up and running out the door.

And in efforts to comfort him, Wonho yelled, “100% of Korean citizens use that word!

The word that I.M accidentally used is a common expression meaning “really” or “so” that emphasizes an adjective, and it is often used by many Koreans, but rarely used by idols since it is considered an informal slang.


Source: Dispatch