This Male Idol Has The Visual Power To Make Even School Uniforms Look Good

High school uniform has never been this fashionable before.

Since his Produce 101 Season 2 trainee days, Ong Seong Wu made the show’s school-style uniform look as fashionable as it can get. Fans believe it’s all thanks to his ever-young and handsome face! This compilation of Ong Seong Wu’s past uniform looks will convince you even more that only Ong Seong Wu can make this uniform-style work.


Ong Seong Wu had enchanted the viewers as soon as he appeared on the show Produce 101 Season 2 in his uniform. His unforgettable visual, boosted with the school uniform outfit, created the “Ong Sunbae (옹선배)” nickname that stuck with him ever since.


Once he debuted with Wanna One, Ong Seong Wu endorsed Ivy Club – a popular school uniform brand in Korea – and slayed the photoshoot. Fans were beyond amazed at how Ong Seong Wu turned a basic high school uniform into something so sophisticated and professional. He looked like he was ready to sign contracts and close deals!


Since then, Ong Seong Wu had a few more chances to rock the school uniform fashion. On Knowing Bros, where all the guests get dressed in school uniforms, Ong Seong Wu once again boasted his stellar ability to pull off the school-look!


And most recently, in a series of pictures revealed by his agency Fantagio Entertainment, in promotion of his new and upcoming drama Moment at Eighteen, Ong Seong Wu is rocking the high school uniform fashion again! Fans can’t believe how unchanging Ong Seong Wu’s visual has remained since 2017 when he first wowed the world on the Produce 101 series.


So naturally, Ong Seong Wu’s fans can’t help but question one thing: How did he look in his actual high school uniform? Has he always been the king of school-look? The answer is a big yes – even with a bowl haircut.

Source: THEQOO