Male Idol Rejects So Many Marriage Proposals That There’s A Club Name For Everyone Rejected

Who else has a club where fans unite over failed marriage proposals? 😂

When it comes to marriage proposals from fans, K-Pop idols either go with the flow and sweetly accept them, hilariously reject them with a funny response, or gently turn them down. One male idol receives so many marriage proposals that his situation is a bit unique.

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A male idol from VERIVERY is known for rejecting every proposal he receives, earning a club with an equally funny name where all those rejected instantly become a member.

VERIVERY | @the_verivery/Twitter

On an episode of Weekly Idol, Yeonho revealed that the members kindly accept all the marriage proposals they receive, with Hoyoung as the exception.

When fans come to signing events and ask us to marry them, we usually say, ‘Sure, let’s get married.’ But Hoyoung always says, ‘We can’t get married.’

— Yeonho

MC Kwanghee couldn’t resist laughing at the new piece of information. Hoyoung had an explanation and said, “My parents always told me to consider marriage very seriously.” Instead of getting heartbroken by Hoyoung’s rejections, fans poked fun at it by creating a club for everyone who got turned down.

Since fans used the Korean abbreviation Bae Geo Mo (translated as PRB in English) as the club name, Kwanghee asked what it meant. Hoyoung made them laugh by answering, “People Rejected by Bae Hoyoung.

With a dedicated club for all the fans whose marriage proposals were rejected, MC Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk couldn’t help wondering, “How many people must you have rejected?

Since Hoyoung has received so many proposals in the past two years alone, the club must be a nice size full of VERRER. After all, who doesn’t want to be part of an exclusive club?

Hoyoung | @by_verivery/Twitter

Laugh along with the MCs and VERIVERY as Yeonho and Hoyoung talk about the exclusive Bae Geo Mo club.