ASTRO’s Eunwoo Reveals He Experienced Face Paralysis In Front Of Fans

But he found a way to deal with so he could continue his fan service!

On an episode of Radio Star, ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo revealed that he has experienced symptoms of paralysis during fansign events.


He explained that the symptoms were a result of smiling for long periods of time during fansign events.

“During fansign events, we have to keep smiling and after smiling so much I started getting facial tics.” ㅡ Cha Eunwoo


He added that the symptoms he was experiencing were affecting his fan service.

“My fans love my bright smile but since (my face) keeps twitching, my smile becomes awkward too.” ㅡ Cha Eunwoo


Luckily, it seems like Cha Eunwoo has found a solution to his problem and this solution is also a bonus for fans!

“These days, if I start feeling like the facial tics are coming, I wink. I found out that if you wink, it gets better.” ㅡ Cha Eunwoo


When Kim Gu Ra made a good point and asked what would happen if his eye started twitching as well, Cha Eunwoo responded that he could simply wink his other eye.

“I can just wink with the other eye.” ㅡ Cha Eunwoo


He showed off the bright smile that his fans love so much and reassured the host that he’s accumulated his own know-how.

“I’ve discovered some tips of my own.” ㅡ Cha Eunwoo


The love he has for his fans truly shows considering the fact that he continues to give his fans huge smiles despite the pain he may be enduring!

Source: Naver TV