When These Male Idols Look In Your Direction, You’ll Definitely Lose All Control

It’s already hard for fans not to go crazy when their idols look in their direction, but some of them definitely have a “Blue Steel” look of their own that’s heart-melting. 

Popular male idols that stare intensely into the cameras of fans is a dream come true for most. Whether it’s doing it nonchalantly and looking super handsome or just a quick glance over with that intimidating look, the GIFs below are absolutely perfect.

Check out some of the best moments of these ‘Idol Stares‘ below!


L is no stranger to making his fans go crazy with his sexy antics. This wink is to die for.


Who can deny the pure sexiness of T.O.P? He doesn’t even have to look into the camera to make fans go insane with a look like this.

3. SHINee’s Minho

He might look a little sweaty, but Minho’s perfect features and his adorable smile can melt every girl’s heart.

4. ZE:A’s Siwan

 has a reputation for being a top visual and a talented actor as well. In this scene of one of his recent dramas that he appears on, he strikingly stares into the eyes of another character.

5. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon 

Vernon’s known for being a little “Leonardo Dicaprio” and his visuals are no joke. You can’t help but stare at him while he handsomely looks up into the camera.

6. VIXX’s Hongbin 

Hongbin shows that he can be handsome and cute at the same time as he catches a fan-cam that films him and hilariously fixes his suit.

7. BTS’s V

The BTS member gets up close to the camera and shows off his colored contacts and perfect facial features.

8. EXO’s Suho 

The cold never bothered Suho anyway. The EXO leader strides along the perfect night landscape looking like an ideal boyfriend with his fluttering hair and pale skin.

9. B1A4’s Jinyoung

The multi-talented Jinyoung gazes lovingly into his costar’s eyes and makes the fangirls lose control.

10. BTOB’s Sungjae 

Sungjae looks cool and adorable within a matter of seconds as he sits on the seat of a rollercoaster.

11. WINNER’s Jinwoo 

Jinwoo is undeniably handsome. Even with a single blink, he has fans feeling nervous and shy around him.

12. ASTRO’s Eunwoo

Even without looking at the camera, Eunwoo looks dangerously beautiful with his doll-like features.